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Trust Your Struggle 

About This Project

In 2010 during the months after giving birth to my son, I turned to the camera to work through a period of intense loneliness. Feelings of joy and love for my new baby came with equal sentiments of fear and isolation. This “post-partum” situation challenged me to make photographs within the spatial limits of our apartment and to visualize my entrance into motherhood.

During this time, my photographic practice allowed me to hold on to a creative aspect of myself that I felt was slipping with every diaper change and breastmilk-pumping session. Trust Your Struggle is a photographic essay that documents what is often considered taboo when publicly discussing the new mother experience: the isolation, hectic days, sleepless nights, physical pain and those rare moments of self care.

What you see here is a selection of the images in this series, please contact me to inquire about viewing more.