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︎ Opening May 18, 2024: Self Adjacent Group Exhibition @ Massey Klein Gallery (NYC)

On view through July 20, 2024 
124 Forsyth Street New York, NY 10002

Massey Klein Gallery is pleased to present Self Adjacent, a group exhibition of 17 artists, curated by Sarah Irvin and Tracy Stonestreet. 

Self Adjacent explores the transformative journey of parenthood, examining how artists navigate their multiple identities within the realm of caregiving. The exhibition underscores that the reshaping of one's identity through caregiving is not a static process but rather occurs alongside diverse manifestations of the parent-as-process. Caretaking involves a continual negotiation with the child's evolving sense of self, which serves as both a reflection and a challenge to the caregiver.

This traveling exhibition began at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, Virginia. After its conclusion at Massey Klein, it will go to the Kennedy Museum of Art in Ohio, in the fall of 2024.

The exhibition includes work by: Alberto Aguilar, Meg Arsenovic, Robin Assner-Alvey, Christa Donner, Travis Donovan, Kate Gilmore, LaToya Hobbs, Sarah Irvin, Kevin and Jennifer White-Johnson, Carmichael Jones, Courtney Kessel and Chloe Clevenger, Ahree Lee, Colleen Merrill, Qiana Mestrich, Sarah Sudhoff, Emilia White, William Glaser Wilson, and Megan Wynne.