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︎Virtual Photography Workshop with Justine Kurland (Winter 2021)

This winter 2021, I will be co-teaching the Practices, Strategies and Techniques photography workshop with Justine Kurland. 

This eight-week online workshop combines a trio of necessary skills with which to build a photographic practice: critical theory, art histories, and technique. Through a series of assignments and lectures, students will consider the overarching concepts that inform their work.

In the spirit of experimentation and play, drawing from research and everyday experience, students will test their theories in practice. Our time will be divided between group critiques and lectures. Students are expected to make images weekly towards the goal of producing a cohesive and original body of photographs and developing a generative practice based on a process of making, thinking, and remaking.

Necessary equipment and programs not provided: computer, hard drive, camera, and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.

Wednesday 7:00 pm-8:00 pm, EST
Sunday 12:00 pm-3:00 pm, EST

Winter session: January 20–March 14, 2021

Open to all ages and levels; space is limited to 12 students, register now.